The Use of Anabolic Steroids in Sports


Joining sports competition requires great motivation and discipline. Such competition is popular in high school and college where students must show how good they are when it comes to a certain sports. Also, there are amateurs and professional athletes that join national and international competition.

Since we are on the subject of some people joining sports just to gain fame and recognition, although not all athletes have this motivation, those who are only after winning will anything just to get that medal. Unfortunately this kind of thinking will lead to negative circumstances. Moreover, they will use this as an excuse why they must continue using anabolic steroids, despite the numerous cases which proves that such drug has dangerous side effects.

Anabolic steroids,which is known as an alternative to male testosterone, are very powerful drugs. People taking steroids must control their intake. However, people abuse it by taking high doses to achieve greater performance and build more muscle tissues. While anabolic steroids may enhance performance and an athlete’s physical appearance, it will not enhance your skills.

Anabolic steroids, if used properly helps treat of blood disorder, cancer, and other illnesses. But since it is a powerful and has dangerous side effects, it should have prescription.

Because of the reported side effects of steroids, lots of sports competition prohibits athletes from taking such drug. However, because of advancement in technology, there are steroids that are cannot be detected even if a person undergoes a steroids test With this, the number of athletes taking steroids are unknown.

Why Do Athletes Abuse Steroids? 

Steroids has been very popular because of its wide range of benefits. Athletes, knowing that the drug will help them, even if they are on their own, will continue using the drugs based on how they want to use it. Usually, they are encouraged by their friends, family members, and even coaches.

There are athletes that take more than two steroids per day, they even mix it with other forms of steroids – oral and injectable. What is more dangerous is that they are taking other supplements such as painkillers and lots other stimulants.



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