“Black River Orchard” – A Quick Look at One of the Bestselling Novels of 2023


horror story characterHorror stories remain steadfast as a popular type of fictional literary genre, perhaps because the authors are seeing more sinister and darker real life events. Take the “Black River Orchard” as the newest example of a horror literature, innovated by Chuck Wendig. This author is also a game developer, who conventionally uses fairytale-like magic as an instrument of evil forces.

A Brief Synopsis of “Black River Orchard”

The horror story revolves around a small nondescript town, until some of the townsfolk were transformed by the magical apples produced by a strange tree.

The magical fruit bearing tree was planted by the patriarch of a failed orchard, in the hopes that it will save the family from financial ruin. However, he died without seeing the trees he planted bear fruit five years later.

magical fruit bearing treeThe orchard owner’s son who inherited the property had doubts if anyone would be interested in buying a variety of apple that not many have tried or know about. As a solution, the family gave out free samples, which enchanted everyone who ate the unnamed variety of apple.

The subsequent success of the orchard owner’s business brought on the financial achievements that his deceased father had hoped for while he was still alive. Yet what was noticeable is that everyone who regularly ate the apple improved in strength and vitality.

However, they developed a self-regard that made them want to keep the source of their strength a secret. They organized a cult that looked to the orchard owner as their leader, willing to follow orders from him even if for a sinister purpose like murder.

The story progresses with an explanation that a demon disguised as a human being was behind the enchantment and transformation of the apple eaters. He roams the Earth for the purpose of destroying human society.

Nevertheless, the transformations and sinister events transpiring in the community caught the attention of the non-apple eating community members.

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