Some Facts You May Not Know About Archery


This amazing nerve and accuracy test not long ago ignited the famous Sambódromo Carnival place in Rio 2016. In this article, we uncover a few facts you may not actually be aware of regarding the sport, archery. This is not a review of the bow releases but you can read about it in the link provided.

Ten Things You Should Know About Archery

Archery is an ancient sport. The use of bows and arrows to shoot began many years ago and is an approach to hunting and fighting. The term archery is founded on the Latin term “arcus”, which means bow. The sport, however, is even earlier than the Romans. It is said that archery is the favorite recreation of Egypt’s Pharaoh in the 18th century, the earliest competition that was recorded for archery was organized in China in the Zhou Dynasty.

Part of popular culture. Many well-known archers made an appearance in the literature and film industries. Legolas from the trilogy of the Lord of the Rings. Robin Hood, the famous British folklore hero. A most recent film that was produced in the series of Hunger Games films featuring heroin great in the handle of archery.

The Archery olympic beginnings. The first appearance of Archery in the Olympic games was in Paris in the year 1900 and every year thereafter. However, in 1912, the archery had not been part of the olympics because of the absence of international uniformity in terms of rules and equipment.

There is equality in archery. Archery once again joined the Olympic fold in the year 1972 after the code had been developed under Inger Frith. She was the very first female president elected for the International Sports Federation. In 1996, Archery had become among the first sports that placed equal numbers of quota for men and women.

Archery requires precision. In the Olympics, archers must stand at a distance of 70 meters away from the target. The skill to read the direction of win is an important attribute of the game.

Fast forward to our generation. Archers are now engaging in head to head competitions which means only the winner escalates to the next level. Archers are given 40 seconds to shoot six of their arrows. In the finals, they are given only 20 seconds to shoot three arrows.

Archery is among the sports that requires so much concentration and analogy. When the skill is perfected, you could be the next Robin Hood of our generation.

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