3 of the Best Soccer Biographies


Over the last few years, soccer gains popularity in the US as fast as it is. In all genre and gender, soccer is so popular. US soccer players writing accounts of their lives will inspire future generations to do even better.

The upcoming World Cup this 2026 is a good opportunity for the next generation to take the next big leap. It will be hosted by US, Mexico, and Canada.

The Best Soccer Biographies

In the past few years, soccer players have been spilling some serious dirt about their careers. Fans and other non-professionals have also added to the quality of the work by writing great soccer-related biographies from more relatable points of view. You can also try to find the stories of their lives at a 해외무료축구중계. Here are 3 soccer stories and biographies that will keep you interested.

My Life Story by Alex Ferguson

It seems like some people in the sports world write a lot of biographies. Ferguson came out with a biography in 2013. Although it is not his first creation, it is the most talked about by many. Ferguson wrote it right after his retirement making him free to tell every bad opinions he had for his teammates, whether on-field or off-field.

The Rocky Road by Eamon Dunphy

The next person on the list is Eamon Dunphy, who wrote Keane’s previous autobiography (Keane, 2002). This fits with the theme of Ferguson, Keane, and Manchester United so far. In his home country of Ireland, Dunphy is a divisive figure. He also used to play professional soccer. During a time before a lot of the things we think of as modern soccer, he played for Manchester United, Millwall, and the Republic of Ireland.

Why Soccer Is Important by Pele

For now, let’s not talk about controversy or Manchester United. Instead, let’s talk about the great Pele, who is soccer’s most transcendent and famous figure. For most of his life, Pele has been a great representative for both soccer and the people of Brazil. His real name is Edson Arantes do Nascimento that became Pele. He placed the team Brazil to the World Cup with three wins. Pele scored amazingly with goals of 1,283 over the course of his twenty-year career.

In his biography entitled Why Soccer Matters, his humble beginnings and inspiring career are his main focus. He also talks about his people, his culture, and his trust in the game’s ability to bring people together.



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