That is where online writers’ groups come in. There are groups, large and small, that operate by posting work online for critique and discussion. The other writers in the group then offer their feedback, which can be an effective way of highlighting issues that you had overlooked. Rewriting your work before sending off submissions means that editors get to see it at its best.


Be wary, though, of editing too much and losing sight of your original story just to please those online critics, and remember that all writing is subjective – a person who dislikes your story may simply not be a fan of that particular style. Very few novels contain only one plot. A secondary plot can strengthen and add to the main plot, introducing a dilemma or character that adds tension, comedy or complications to the lives of the main characters.


It can be used as a red herring to draw readers’ eyes away from what’s really going on. It can be a device that helps to take the main plot where it needs to go. In a romance, a subplot could be a budding relationship between two side characters. The relationship complicates the main romance between the hero and heroine because these secondary characters are their parents.



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