5 Unique Facts About The Infamous Nobel Prize


You must be very familiar with the term Nobel Prize. A Nobel Prize is conferment of an international honorary degree given to people who make breakthroughs, achievements and/or achievements in certain fields of science. For instance, the creators of industrial pendant lights would have received a Nobel prize. The scientific field covered by this conferment is very broad, for example, science, women’s movements, literature, and even world peace.

This time let’s talk further about the literary Nobel prize. You lovers and activists of literature, need to know the unique facts of this Nobel Prize winner. Meantime, watch the video below for 2018 and 2019 Nobel Prize winners in Literature.

Announcement of the Nobel Prizes in Literature 2018 and 2019

The Nobel laureates of Literature

Of the 113 Nobel Prize winners from 1901-2016, their average age is 65 years. Rudyard Kipling, a writer from India who is famous for his work The Jungle Book, was the recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature with the youngest age at the time of his award; namely at the age of 41 years in 1907.

Meanwhile, the Nobel Literature winner with the oldest age is Doris Lessing, a writer from Iran who is famous for his work The Grass is Singing. Doris received the Nobel title in 2007 when she was 81 years old.

Nobel laureates

It is undeniable that the Nobel title is a very prestigious title at the international level. But the fact is there are 2 people in the history of the Nobel Prize who refused to be awarded the Nobel title for the field of literature. The first person was Boris Pasternak, a writer from Russia. At first, Boris received the award but later he undoes it due to encouragement and policy from his home country to reject the Nobel award.

The second person is Jean-Paul Sartre who is a writer from France. Sartre is indeed well known as a person who consistently rejects all forms of respect for himself. These two were Nobel Literature winners who rejected the highest titles in the world.

Nobel laureates for Specific Works

When all Nobel Laureates in the field of literature received awards for their entire lifetime, 9 people were awarded the Nobel Prize for one particular work. These people and their works are:

    • Mikhail Sholokhov for Don
    • Ernest Hemingway for The Old Man and the Sea
    • Roger Martin Du Gard for Les Thibault
    • John Galsworthy for The Forsyte Saga
    • Thomas Mann for Buddenbrooks
    • Wladyslaw Reymont for The Peasants
    • Knut Hamsun for Growth of the Soil
    • Carl Spitteler for Olympian Spring
    • Theodor Mommsen for A History of Rome

Unpredictable Award

In 1953, the Nobel Prize nominees were surprised by a literary Nobel Prize awarded to Sir Winston Churchill, a British politician, and author. The award was said to be surprising because most participants predicted Winston would receive the Nobel Prize in peace due to his political career, but in fact, he was awarded the Nobel title for his work in the field of literature.

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Singer or Poet?

At the 2016 Nobel Prize last year, literary activists and critics were shocked by the results of the Nobel Prize in literature. What caused the shock of activists and literary critics of pata in 2016 was the awarding of the Nobel honors in the field of literature to a Folk-Blues singer from the United States named Bob Dylan (Robert Allen Zimmerman).

Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel title in literature for his services in creating new poetic expressions in the American music tradition. Bob Dylan has been known worldwide for his poetic lyrics. if you read the lyrics of Bob Dylan’s song without the accompaniment of music it will become a beautiful poem. Among his most famous works are Blowin ‘in the Wind and also The Times They are A-Changin’.

Well, here are 5 unique facts of Nobel Literature laureate for you activists, lovers, literary critics should know. By the way, the 2017 Nobel Prize award will reportedly be held in October. Then, who is the 2017 Nobel Prize winner in literature? Let’s wait for the rest.



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