Sleep Supplement For Bodybuilders And Natural Methods For Writers To Get Quality Sleep


Having a regular good night’s sleep and rest is extremely vital to our health. It is as crucial as getting regular exercise and having a healthy balanced diet. However, there are numerous factors that could affect our natural sleeping pattern. When people sleep less, the quality of sleep will also decrease.

Sleep Supplement For Bodybuilders

For bodybuilders or individuals who are particular about their fitness and health, they take Hibernate, a sleep supplement for bodybuilders to get enough sleep as well as improve its quality. With one scoop taken 20 minutes to 30 minutes prior bedtime, this sleep supplement for bodybuilders is formulated to help users get the sleep needed by the body for recovery after an intense and exhausting workout. Quality sleep and rest are essential components to allow you to build, gain and restore strength and muscles as well as help to lose body fat more quickly.

Like bodybuilders and fitness enthusiast, writers also need adequate and quality sleep as it not only benefits the body but the brain as well since sleep deprivation and fatigue depletes energy and creativity. Lack of sleep also affects the memory, decreases and impairs performance, weakens the ability for a person to think outside-of-the-box, decreases flexibility, as well originality. All of these are imperative to any writer.

Natural Methods For Writers To Get Quality Sleep

If you are like many others writers who struggle with insomnia, wakeful and restless nights, apart from taking sleep supplements or pills, there are more natural ways you could do and practice for sleep to come easily in the long run, ensuring your mental health and help you be more creative than you already are. Below are a few:

  • Disconnect yourself from the online world and switch off all gadgets, including your mobile phone, at least 1-hour prior bedtime. The blue light emitted by these gadgets disrupts our sleep hormone called melatonin.
  • Consider meditation as it could aid in so many things. Meditation could be especially beneficial for writers as the mind is disciplined. A study in 2015, researchers discovered that mindfulness meditation for 6 weeks aided in the improvement of quality of sleep, lessened fatigue in the daytime, as well as improved mood.
  • Practice stretching prior to going to sleep as having tight muscles discourages sleep. Our muscles naturally tighten in the day as a response to the various activity that we do, and if we don’t stretch them, it remains tight as we go to bed making it difficult for us to fall asleep or may wake us up at night since muscles may hurt or ache.
  • Drink the proper beverages that help give a restful sleep. Tea, for example, a cup of tea is said to encourage relaxation and rest. Some good choices include lemon balm, chamomile, lavender, passionflower, and ginger tea.

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