The 2 Styles of Writing


There are two general styles of writing and these are the Informal and Formal Writing. In the latter, it isn’t better compared to its counterpart. Instead, each style has a purpose and for the writer, it is imperative to be careful in which style they will be using for which. In the event that you want to write for professional purposes, then expect that it’ll likely demand formal style. For example, if you’ll be writing the literature for a product like, then you definitely want to maintain a professional tone to establish a certain degree of credibility.

Though individual communications could take advantage of informal style as soon as you become familiar with who your recipients will be. In relation to emails, it most of the time leans to a less formal style compared to paper-based communications but still, you must refrain from using “text talk”.

Writing in Formal and Informal Style

If you are in doubt on how you will be able to compose a formal writing, then it is recommended to read the rest of this post.

Informal Writing Style

There are different ways to use informal writing style and these are:

Colloquial – this is almost the same with spoken conversation. It might include figures of speech, slang, broken syntax and the likes. It also uses a personal tone like you’re talking directly to your reader or audience.

Simple – in an informal writing, it is acceptable to use short sentences and at times, important to make a point for informal writing.

Abbreviations and contractions – contractions are used to simplify words like “it’s”, “couldn’t” and so on. Abbreviations are acceptable too whenever possible.

Formal Writing Style

Likewise with formal writing style, there are ways to compose such content and these are:

Complex – longer sentences are more likely to be common in formal writing. It is essential to be thorough with each topic when using formal style.

Objective – it is vital that you have confidence in stating your primary objectives and at the same time, support those arguments.

Full words – there is no contraction shall ever be used unlike with informal writing style.



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