Harry Potter Is A Great Literature According To Academics


Harry Potter is a publishing sensation that has had an incredible impact on young audiences all over the world, but some literary experts are far from being impressed.

Book Critics discuss The Harry Potter Series

Now, at an important international conference held at the University of St. Andrews, an attempt will be made to advocate Harry Potter novels by JK Rowling and refute the claim that these books have zero literary worth.

Sixty experts from all over the world gathered today, at the university, to participate in this discussion, which is the first such conference in the United Kingdom.

The said event, Fictitious Magic Brand: Reading Harry Potter as Literary Works seeks to solve the problem of not enough direct research on Rowling’s novels as literary texts.

John Granger, an American writer and also referred to as the “Harry Potter Scholar Dean”, will take part in this event. There will be 50 lectures on how books deal with the loss of life, the part of compassion, and Impact of writers.

He stated: “The Hogwarts Story is by far the most popular account in the record of publishing. It is a normal and essential subject for anybody enthusiastic about literature and art.

“I am an exception to the unrestrained, unfounded assumption that the books have no literary value. The works of Ms. Rowlings are certainly interesting, but it is a huge mistake to think that the way it was written was simple or arbitrary.”

He further said: “As far as we know, Hogwarts is concealed someplace in Scotland. The writer lives here and her mother, too, is Scottish though half Scots. The first meeting is very suitable that it was held in St. Andrew’s, Scotland’s oldest university.

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The event was arranged by John Patrick Pazdziora of the University English School and Micah Snell, father of the School of Theology, Imagination, and Art (ITIA).

Mr. Pazziola stated: “We simply cannot steer clear of Harry Potter turning into the most crucial story experience of this era. Specifically, the kids who grew with Harry Potter. Considering that Harry Potter novels are the most significant and persuasive children’s book in the world as of the late 20th century and early 21st century.

For many, this is their first literary study. Therefore, they would like to assess and talk about it. This is essential mainly because people are deeply concerned about it.

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