‘Lord Of The Rings’ TV Series Will Bring Fans To An Exciting Trip Back To Middle Earth Very Soon


Fans have long waited for J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic “Lord of The Rings” mythos coming back to the big screen after Director Peter Jackson wrapped up with “The Hobbit” movie trilogy in 2014. Unfortunately, reports have confirmed that the beloved “LOTR” story will take many more years for its return, with Jackson bowing out of the role as producer and director of the previously planned follow-up movies.

However, not all hope is lost as Amazon has reportedly picked up the “Lord of The Rings” project, and fans will soon witness an incredible journey back to Middle Earth. This time around, the new “LOTR” will be shown via Amazon Prime, which is Amazon’s own streaming platform, as a TV series instead of one whole movie.

No Exact Release Date Yet, But Production Could Happen Very Soon

As there is already a confirmation from Amazon that the “Lord of The Rings” TV Series will definitely happen, it will not take long until the production stage of the project begins. From there, the initial cast will be decided, as well as the possible talented directors and writers who will lead the series to a bright future. At this point, no one can really tell the exact release date of the series, not even the exact year of when it will be out.

Details about the release date will be out once the production phase has begun, but for now, everything is just a waiting game. Even the title of the upcoming “LOTR” series not set in stone just yet. The fans have many suggestions regarding the possible contents of the series, but one thing is for sure: the viewers will get to see the charming and fair-skinned elves with their mad archery prowess and the mighty, axe-wielding dwarves from the mountains.

‘LOTR’ Series Will Cover The Second Age, AKA Sauron’s Rise And Fall

Another exciting scoop about the “Lord of the Rings” TV Series is that the upcoming show will finally reveal an interesting Middle Earth timeline that was only teased at the beginning of the original “LOTR” trilogy. It was reported that the upcoming series will feature the Second Age, a known period when the Lord of the Rings himself, Sauron, crafted the One Ring in Mount Doom, a moment in history that started all the turmoil in Middle Earth and resistance of men and elves against the forces of darkness.

Hardcore “LOTR” fans would know from this info that the series will likely retell the story of Sauron’s rise to power as he almost succeeded in conquering the entire Middle Earth with the help of his powerful ring. The last part of the Second Age, however, will be the downfall of Sauron, as the ring was cut off from his hand and his physical body was forever destroyed. However, his immortality remained and he continued to linger in Middle Earth in astral form that resembles a fiery eye, which is a famous image in the original “Lord of the Rings” movies. Just imagine how cool this sequence will look and sound on screen, with the help of a great soundboard.




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