Film L.A. Ranks Canada as the Number One Film Location of Choice for Movies


Canadians are quite proud that their country has emerged as one of the top shooting location for movies and tv series. Film L.A. a non-profit organization that keeps track of where movies are being shot, reported that Canada has been the choice of location in about 20 films out of a hundred films produced by the U. S. film industry since 2017.

Call it good vibes or luck but it was also in 2017 that the sci-fi romance movie “The Shape of Water”, filmed entirely in Toronto, Canada, bagged the year’s Oscar Best Movie Award. Actually, the good vibes started the year before, when the surprise 2016 blockbuster movie “Deadpool” that catapulted Ryan Reynolds to super stardom, was also shot entirely in the Greater Toronto Area.

Now people are really becoming more interested in taking up a living space in Canada, as its reputation as “Hollywood of the North” is continuously getting a boost. The most recent addition is a made for TV movie from streaming giant Netflix : “In the Tall Grass” released for Netflix viewing in October 2019 in time for Hollow’s Eve.

Canada Cities : the Location of Choice for Major North American Film Outfits

Film L.A. which releases a yearly report of top filming locations, declared Canada as the number 1 country to have made the list for this year. Georgia came in second but in a tie with the UK for having 15 films each to their credit. California which accounts for 10 films bagged the 4th place.

In breaking down the 20 films shot entirely in Canada, British Columbia was the location for 11 feature films, while Ontario in which Toronto is located, became the host location to 7 major movies. Quebec and Manitoba completed one film each, which helped Canada clinch the top position for the country as the most used location for movies.

While Canada’s vast green spaces, naturally disarming landscapes, as well as modern and historic infrastructures provide excellent backdrops for any type of movie, Canada is also a tax haven for film outfits.

About Canada’s Film Tax Credits

The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit Program or the CPTC program offers 25% refundable tax credit on qualified labour expenditures, which a qualified corporation can claim in connection with producing a Canadian film or video.

The tax credit has since made Canada a more appealing location for film industry players and the country a more exciting and at the same time most livable place. Moving to Canada is hardly a problem, especially for those who were able to obtain jobs. Transmoving arrangements can be easily coordinated here.

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