Did A Novel Released In 1981 Correctly Predict The Coronavirus Pandemic?


The world is facing a serious crisis right now with the spread of a deadly virus now officially known as the SARS-CoV-2. This virus is a novel (or new, in layman term) strain of the coronavirus, a family of viruses that causes seasonal colds. This time around, this 2019 novel coronavirus does not just cause a simple cold or respiratory illness that easily goes away with the usual medicine and treatment. The virus causes severe pneumonia that is enough for anyone to be wary of this killer pathogen.

COVID-19, or the Coronavirus Disease of 2019, is the name given by the World Health Organization (WHO) to the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2. Originating in Wuhan, China, the disease was able to spread in all populous continents of the world, and has already affected tens of thousands of people. Sadly, COVID-19 has also claimed thousands of lives on its path, making every nation rumbling to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus.

Strangely enough, the arrival of this virus might have already been foreseen, not by medical experts, but by a novelist. In fact, a book called “The Eyes of Darkness,” has some passages that creepily describes the current situation being faced by the world with the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Come A Novel From Two Decades Ago Predict The Coronavirus Pandemic?

“The Eyes of Darkness” author Dean Koontz has something to say about his view of a dire future, with wars and famines occurring a couple years after he finished writing his novel. This is not a novel like “The Lord of the Rings” that you will enjoy reading throughout a relaxing day because its contents are somewhat disturbing and scary. In spite of this, some people are fond of readint this kind of book for their own spooky needs.

The thing here is that if you are reading this novel in 2020, with all the COVID-19 situation going on around you, the spookiness multiplies a thousandfold with a mind-boggling prediction: the novel, which was released in the 80’s, mentioned about the birth of a virus in 2020 that causes severe pneumonia. Sounds very familiar, isn’t it?

No one has an idea if the author of this book got some tips from whoever to make such scary accurate prediction. There may be a chance, however, that he got some help from https://www.ganeshaspeaks.com/zodiac-signs/ to serve as his guide. From the looks of it, no matter what his source is, the COVID-19 prediction is right on cue.

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