Technology And Modern Literature


We lived in a century where traditional reading materials are no longer in the mainstream. As part of the traditional era, I use to be reading pocketbooks, staying in libraries, reading 300 pages of books because they seemed more satisfying than surfing on your mobile screens. It does have a lot of differences, but the world is becoming more digitalized and people are becoming more innovative.

I think we should be embracing this change in a light and positive way.

Technology as the New Breed of Literature

Indeed, technology has already become a new breed of literature. It is something we have overlooked in the last 10 years and that we are enjoying today. The influence of new gears such as digital readers and compact computers ( has made a huge impact on a lot of artists, poets, and enthusiasts in the industry. 


Even if some of us may find this as destruction to the traditional ways we used to live, there are still good and positive benefits to this. One of them is making it possible for people with deficiencies in either reading, hearing, comprehension and talking even more possible and easy.


The new technology opens a portal to efficient, easy and innovative technological ways to interpret wordings, and literature to make it for those who were not able felt able. 

Benefits of Technology to the Literature


Embracing technology for literature might bring us a lot than what you have actually thought of. Let’s hear out some of the benefits below.


1. Electronic literature/New media writing


Most of the new breed of writers are now on writing in a laptop or in the somewhat we call online documents. Everything you say is going online. Not only that this makes everything easy and fast, but it also offers them the advantage to make use of correcting features like double-checking the use of write words, phrases, and correct spellings.


2. Voice activation


For people who have a deficiency in reading. Then this is the number one benefit technology or online books has for them. With this, they won’t be able to read but instead, the computer or the gadget does it for them.


3. Efficient teaching


Modern technology has made it easier for teachers and educators to comprehend and connect with their students.



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