Hierarchy of Computer Storage


Computers are being considered as one of those which ignites the digital age to boom. Computers will not work with just a simple or one device, but will require the user to have the tools and of course the built in memory to be used in order for the equipment to work smoothly. 

Computers require a storage device or storage drive. These allow the users to permanently keep the data so that they will be able to access it every time they start or turn the computer on.

The closest storage of  the computer is called the Memory or what we know as RAM. There is a difference between a memory and computer storage. Memory is a volatile storage, this means that data disappears when you turn the computer off. Storage, on the other hand, keeps data for a long period of time or permanently also for a permanent access.

Today, when it comes to storing and keeping data, a lot of alternatives are already present. People are give a wide variety of choices in saving their files. They can either use the memory, but they can also purchase a storage device such as external drive, flash drive or USB, or even choose to have their files stored online.

The new ways give everyone the ease of accessing their files without being afraid of losing it if they are going to turn their computer or laptops off. They can also always carry their file wherever they go and share whatever they need and want to share with their friends.

Obviously, new ways are handy and a lot more convenient compared to what computers have the time it just started. Built-in storage will still and always be applicable, users just need to search for the best NAS for Plex 4k for an upgrade.




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