“Fresh” : A Horror Story about the Dangers of Modern-Day Dating


“Fresh” is an American thriller movie that takes on the horrors of how modern-day dating places unsuspecting women in danger at the hands of psychopaths. A Mimi Cave directorial debut, the movie premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last Jan 21, 2022.


The plot revolves around Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones) who find  sit hard to trust dating apps and the shenanigans of modern-day dating. Noa meets the charming but awkward Steve at the grocery store in a chance encounter that seemed like a scene from a typical romance comedy film,

It didn’t take long for Noa to realize she was attracted to Steve, which made her decide to go with him on a trip. However, the movie takes a dramatic turn as it also didn’t take long for the movie to unmask Steve’s gruesome persona.

What makes “Fresh” a Good Horror Movie to Watch?

Sebastian Stan is a revelation himself; one moment acting disarmingly as the charming boyfriend, he becomes the devilish creep with a perfect smile in the next scenes. While Daisy Edgar-Jones will garner praises for the way she played her role, the charismatic Stan will likely receive credits for making “Fresh” a fitting horror film to start the horror genre of 2022.

Mimi Cave’s work offers a detailed but layered composition without losing why dating can be visceral despite the perils posed to women. “Fresh” is described by many as timely, but everyone knows that its theme has been relevant throughout the years

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