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It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a good camping book full of amusing anecdotes or you prefer to trawl through the very practical van conversion guide – Ballachy, a website selling outdoor gears and tools recommends camping-inspired books that can help you make your camping more meaningful. Now is the best time to dream and prepare for the next camping trip with a few good books. With the right preparation and good inspiration, camping becomes even more unforgettable.

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Why camping makes me happy

by Bettina Tietjen published by Piper The TV.

Presenter Bettina Tietjen tells a humorous, amusing, and entertaining story in her book – Why Camping Makes Me Happy. The book is about her experiences on a camping holiday. Together with her family, Tietjen has been traveling internationally in campers for years and has collected quite a few stories that know how to sweeten the camping holiday or the anticipation of it. True to the motto: “I’m a guest in the hotel, I’m at home in the camper,” says Bettina Tietjen about her experiences between the dream beach and the outhouse. One thing quickly becomes clear for her – camping is down-to-earth, direct and easy. Exactly what she loves so much. On the way, Tietjen can leave behind everything that is not important and instead encounters freedom, closeness to nature, new languages ​​and dream beaches.

Camping. The big manual

by Nele Landero Flores, Jalil Landero Flores, Sebastian Vogt and published by frechverlag.

Just drive off and stop where it’s nice. Enjoy the tranquility of nature and in the evening crawl tired and content into your own cozy bunk which you always have with you thanks to your caravan, mobile home or camper van. And the next day you make a new decision: stay because it’s so beautiful here, or move on? This is the new freedom: camping makes you happy! But there are a lot of things that you have to consider: from choosing the right vehicle to the basic equipment, driver’s license and handing over the newly purchased mobile home to planning the first holiday with children, dogs and baggage or the most important additional equipment for self-sufficient travel. In our big camping manual, we try to answer all the questions that a beginner usually asks himself. There are also plenty of practical tips from our everyday camping and travel life, helpful checklists, and, of course, many impressions from the road.

Anyone can do hotels. My wife, our trailer and I

by Andreas Austilat published by Goldmann Verlag

With a good dose of irony and humor, Austilat tells his story in “Anyone can do a hotel. My wife, our trailer and I’ of his camping experiences with his wife and children. With many ups, downs, and a few shaking of heads, Andreas Austilat grows into the “world of camping” and eventually becomes a convinced camper himself. Between the lines, among the many very ironic descriptions of camping life, there are always humorous tips and empirical values ​​from and for the campsite. This book has everything from a quiet smile to tears of laughter that don’t want to run dry. The author is deputy head of the Sunday department at the Tagesspiegel and regularly writes in the column: “My wife, her garden and I”.

Yes we camp! The most beautiful camping destinations in Europe

by PiNCAMP powered by ADAC

In ””Yes we camp“ you will find a lot of inspiration for your next camping destination. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to camping or pack your camper as a repeat offender. Europe offers varied landscapes, cultural highlights and sights. This book is a travel book especially for campers who like to discover pretty places, markets, outdoor activities, festivals and events on the way. With examples from forty tours in Europe you can plan your next dream trip. It doesn’t matter whether you come by car and tent, folding caravan or the three-room luxury liner. Anyone who would rather have a hundred stars in the sky than five on the hotel door has come to the right place with this book and will be able to make their next trip with “Yes we camp” even more unforgettable. Many travel destinations and tips are illustrated in the book.

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