Everything You Need To Know About Upcoming HBO Series Based On GRRM’s ‘Fire And Blood’ Novels


HBO’s phenomenal series “Game of Thrones” surely left a permanent mark to the viewers after it aired its finale episode in 2019. Although the eight and final season of the TV series, based on George R.R. Martin’s popular “A Song of Ice and Fire” novels, was not as critically-acclaimed as the previous seasons, the fans are still hoping that HBO would show more from the “Game of Thrones” lore.

Before the end of last year, HBO finally greenlit a “GoT” spin-off, much to the fans’ delight. There are tons of materials that HBO can use to continue the legacy of GRRM’s widely popular mythos on television screen, but this upcoming spin-off is locked on the origin of Westeros’ biggest and most controversial family, the Targaryens.

When Will ‘House Of The Dragon’ Premiere On HBO?

Since the big announcement of the “GoT” spin-off last year, there is no confirmed date given yet for its much-awaited premiere. Aside from the official title of the Targaryen-centric spin-off, “House of the Dragon,” the possible release date of the series on HBO is still up in the air. While HBO has already given a go-signal for the spin-off’s production, this does not mean that “House of the Dragon” will be ready in one to two years time. If only there is a usps near me to know the real deal about this news.

Based on recent reports, the spin-off could premiere at the earliest in 2022. Considering that the COVID-19 pandemic hampered all TV and movie productions this year, there is a chance that the 2022 premiere of “House of the Dragon” will be bumped at a later date as well.


A much later premiere date for “House of the Dragon” can still be received as a good news, that is if we are to prioritize the quality of the spin-off’s content. It can be recalled that the first season of “Game of Thrones” underwent a number of re-casts and re-shoots before it achieved its groundbreaking impact on the audience worldwide. If time is what it takes to make the upcoming spin-off as big and successful as its predecessor, then so be it.

If you are also a fan of Tolkien, then you might want to check out the latest news about “The Lord of the Rings” that is set to hit the TV screen as well. Only time will tell if “House of the Dragon” or the new “LotR” adaptation will make it first to TV.

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