“Wrong Turn 7: The Foundation,” – A Reboot Critically Acclaimed as Better Than the Original Reboot


The successful film series “Wrong Turn” has a reboot via a Mike Nelson movie titled “Wrong Turn 7: The Foundation,” released by Saban Films in January 2021. Although released for one-day showing in theaters, the reboot earned great reviews from critics for being the best “Wrong Turn” edition, in terms of performance and production values.

Touted as a perfect watch for those who love gory, horror themes, the movie’s writer Alan McElroy took to transforming the original slasher genre into a cult horror about the tensions between two civilizations. The culture clash between adventurous hipsters and a generation of people who retreated into the back woods is more complex. It revealed a hidden community that uses deadly force just to preserve a way of life that has been in existence in the Appalachian mountains for more than a century.

Wrong Turn 7: The Foundation Plot

“Wrong Turn 2021” centers on a group of adventurous young people who went on a hiking adventure on the Appalachian Trail. Ignoring reminders to stay on the trail, the hikers did the opposite, which led them to The Foundation’s self-protected territory. Little did they know that these mountain dwellers protect their culture through homicidal means, as the founders of The Foundation were able to build their civilization in the Appalachian mountains since 1859.

The conflict started when one of the hikers named Adam, played by Dylan McTee, was caught in one of the traps set by the mysterious mountain dwellers. This caused panic among other hikers, realizing they are under siege by unfriendly mask-wearing characters using moss as their camouflage.

As the backwood terror unfolds to become brutal and shocking, horrified theater viewers during the one’day showing, had hoped that the lifeline will finally be thrown by the father of one of the characters; who was worried that he has not heard from his daughter Jen (Charlotte Vega) for days. Actually, the movie began with Jen’s father (Matthew Modine) arriving at the trail’s outlying community, looking for his daughter.

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