Smart Note-Taking Tips for Students


Learning is important for our growth. We should take advantage of the opportunities we have to hear from experts. If you can’t remember what they say afterwards, then it’s time to start improving your note-taking.

Indeed, taking notes is very important in the learning process. It is definitely not something that you should just missed doing, or something that you should not be doing while in class.

Today, I am going to talk you through a few tips in making sure that you are doing the best you can in doing an effective note-taking

Note Taking Tips 101

Better notes will help you remember concepts, develop meaningful learning skills, and gain a better understanding of a topic. Effective notes will even lead to less stress when test time comes around!

Determine important content

Note-taking should never be a transcript of every word said, but rather a summary of important information and questions. If you’re going into a history class, you’ll want to remember names and dates especially. Anticipate before any presentation, meeting, or class what kind of content will be important to remember later.

Eliminate distractions

Remember when your teacher turned off your phone in class? That might still be a good idea. Whatever you find unnecessarily steals your attention during presentations needs to be eliminated as a distraction. The point is to keep all of your attention focused on the subject material and note-taking.

Keep calm

If you’re too nervous about note-taking, you’ll probably make mistakes. Understand that your notes probably won’t be perfect every time, but you can always get help and clarification later. Note-taking is difficult, so acknowledge your mistakes and improve on them.

Use the Mapping Method

The Mapping note-taking method is a more visual way to organize your class notes. This technique is useful when learning about relationships between topics. Doing this is useful for visual learners who struggle with studying notes. It also helps you remember and connect relationships between topics.

Make something visual

Take your notes and organize them visually. If drawing isn’t your thing, you can still add some flair to your notes. Use something like Microsoft publisher to inject some creativity into your notes.

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