Importance of Studying English Literature


In this modern day, there appears to be a trend in relation to secondary school subjects which have strong correlation to tertiary course of study. With this being said, some parents as well as students feel that studying English Literature becomes compulsory, particularly among international syllabus being offered in international schools. As a matter of fact, there are many good reasons for studying the said subject.

For example, students who are studying English Language with the emphasis on writing and reading have instances of not seeing the objective of studying English Literature. This is true especially if they have no plans of studying Translation or English at a university. But in reality, this subject can open up broad range of aspects to students, not just with the English language but also, of the English culture as a whole.

Opening to Whole New Possibilities

There are certain aspects of the English culture that have encapsulated English literature. Needless to say, this is pretty obvious when studying of famous writers like Shakespeare, playwrights of the 18th and 19th century, poets and everything in between.

Students are bound to learn references and allusions of different elements of English culture. At the same time, they can learn meanings and context of famous phrases and quotes.

Besides, studying literature isn’t limiting students to traditions of England but it also includes the opportunity of showing them to the traditions informing English literature like Ancient Greek drama as well as literature in several contexts like American literature. Additionally, this can provide students with alternatives to pervasiveness of the TV culture along with its shallowness and immediacy.

Preparing for Future

An appreciation and enjoyment of Literature will additionally give students the chance of developing this into interest in reading and books as they transition from studies to their adulthood. This can be really useful in real life for when buying new products like Alesis V25, they can use their skills in thoroughly reading the manual and warranty and have better understanding of what is actually in for them. The same is true when they are checking out other stuff.



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