ICN’s “American Climate”:Documentary: Real-Life Horrors of Climate Change Disasters


One of the most popular literary works that received much acclaim in 2019 is a documentary about people who went through real-life, frightening experiences. Entitled “American Climate: A Shared Experience”, it’s a documentary project undertaken by news reporter Neela Banerjee and videographer Anna Belle Peevey of Inside Climate News (ICN), a Pulitzer Prize-winning, non-partisan, environmental news website.

Horror literature is a genre of stories of fiction appealing to people who get a kick from being scared, shocked or even repulsed by frightening scenes. There’s more horror to the narratives compiled by the two ICN staff, as they are stories of being victimized by the unimaginable catastrophes caused by climate change.

Since climate scientists have since forewarned about them as effects of global warming, the documentary strikes fear in the minds of viewers to make everyone realize that the devastating threats of climate change are real.

About ICN’s “American Climate: A Shared Experience”

“American Climate: A Shared Experience” connecting stories of disaster, which although coming from survivors, are not about people emerging unscathed from horrific events. They are not fictional tales, but real accounts of personal loss, tragedy and constant fear that in all the years to come, the catastrophes will get even worse.

Ms. Banerjee and Ms. Peevey conducted dozens of interviews with people who survived the fury of Hurricane Michael in Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska; as well as of the Camp Firew in Paradise,California.

Most of the words spoken were about the terrifying ordeal they went through and of the devastating feelings of loss not only of personal property but also of loved ones. All of which had eroded people’s sense of security; knowing that more disasters are yet to come after the reality of climate change had dawned on many of them.

The sad part is that some remain unconvinced, still holding the belief that climate change is a mere hoax perpetrated by those looking to advance their economic interests or political agenda.

Randy Larsen witnessed the destruction of the California Camp Fire that killed 85 people. He is of the belief the fire that razed several communities was an obvious consequence of global warming. Larsen explained why he believes so by saying:

“I grew up in California, and we never had wildfires occured in November.” “While we can fix all all those things that we have been negligent in dealing with, we still have to deal with a forest that is like a tinderbox in the midst of global warming, unless something is done about it.”

In Coming Missouri, Louis Byford, a farmer whose home was damaged by the flooding caused by Hurricane Michael, is not as completely convinced as Larsen. Byford contends:

”There has been climate changes taking place since God created earth and it’s all part of His creation; the cycle, the ebb and flow, the come and go and whatever else are associated.” “We are only kidding ourselves in thinking that we can control anything.”

“American Climate: A Shared Experience” is a documentary that intends to raise awareness about climate change, as climate scientists warn that there is broad consensus in the science community that global warming can be expected to bring stronger hurricanes, fuel more wildfires and trigger more flooding.

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