How Visual Arts and Literature Is Related?


Literary Books


Literature alone is also an art form. Carefully selected words paint artwork on a webpage for the theater of the brain.

This has frequently prompted other, more visually oriented artists to make tangible objects according to those mental pictures. Not only does this produce a fully realized piece of artwork, in addition, but it also enables these artists to make content according to their own interpretations. This inventive wealth of substance has continued to inspire contemporary filmmakers and aspiring artists (visit if you are new to painting want to learn how to paint) that currently have technologies to help bring those pages.

Greek Tragedy

Literature wed together with all the visual arts from early Greece, where authors could view their voice brought to the life expectancy of Greek tragedies done as far back as the 6th century B.C. Not everyone was happy with this specific art form. The philosopher Plato believed lifetime an imitation of authentic fact and also derided artwork as an imitation of fake, an psychological manipulation that required attention out of motive. This opinion was, ironically, even regardless of his very own affinity for storytelling. Aristotle reacted to this by composing “Poetics,” a publication that would necessarily come to be a virtual “bible” for several succeeding authors who had to bring their words to life, either on the page or another point.

The Renaissance

The Bible is filled with fascinating, flawed characters and lively universal topics, most especially the conflict of good versus evil. It’s prompted visual arts for decades, having a substantial influence on artwork made during the Renaissance. This age started in 14th century Italy and spanned centuries. This “rebirth” researched topics according to antiquity, most especially in the Bible. The sculptures and paintings of artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo have suffered as precious antiques of a text that was treasured.


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Literature as Visual Artwork

Since literature is art, many genres of literature have been written particularly for visual functions. This is true in ancient Greece, but also for modern plays constituting little vignettes of life which could be carried out on a little stage in restricted functions. Writers like Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, and Neil Simon perfected their artwork with the goal of it functioning chiefly as a routine. This collaborative effort necessitates celebrities, actors, and set designers to deliver written words.

Moving Pictures

As technology improved, filmmakers could take the written sentence a notch up with much more completely realized visuals, such as motion, sound as well as special effects. 1 kind of literary artwork taken to the films could possibly be an original screenplay for example “Citizen Kane,” “Rocky” or “Annie Hall.” Some initial screenplays, for example, “Star Wars,” spawned a whole production of novels based on the characters and world created by George Lucas. Other classic films were adapted from existing bits of literature that were treasured, together with notable examples being “Gone With Wind,” “The Wizard of Oz,” “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “The Lord of the Rings.”




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