How Technology Impacted the Towing Industry


While towing might not fit to mind as a business whose methods have evolved considerably through time, the truth is, like several companies, technology has transformed practically every part of the way individuals operate.

Though the changes over the years would fill out a small book, many companies wanted to pay for the seismic diversities they have discovered in our 25+ years in the biz here in Durham, NC.

Payment Method

Towing is really a lien company, because it is important we reevaluate payment (in no or low fees) when available. commercial towing companies realize they must stay informed about technology when it has to do with acquiring payments. Not all consumers can spend in money. Some want to make adjustments on the internet and this could need towing systems to arrange payment methods.


Technology may also aid in handling and managing the towing business. Rather than manually document the program every day or every month, this is easily managed via technologies. It makes scheduling a lot simpler to perform and not as difficult to work out. There are different scheduling programs and applications which may be used to assist in such clerical duties.

Logging Hours

Every one of these drivers will be charged a particular number of hours. Manual and common paths will need a punch card though others just check the behavior manually. It is sometimes a tough effort to keep tabs on them. Luckily, there are different programs that may be employed to make it simpler to log-in to start their change and log-out following their development.

Data Organization

Filing a listing of clients and their data in folders will certainly take space and time. In this electronic world, several towing firms already have a pc selected to save such data. Naturally, they’d nevertheless have the capacity to print such data and have physical duplicates but with them saved digitally makes the data a lot much simpler to type, find, and shop.



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