Horror Mall has been taken offline. We thank you for your past support.

Auction Site

Due to the recent focus and consolidation of the owner's business into DarkFuse and the partner's site into Miskatonic Books, we have decided to shut the auction site down.


Our shops have archived all open orders (less than 50 remain out of the 31,500+ placed with us in the 4 years in operation which were fulfilled and completed) and we've taken the site offline since the auction site has ended. These orders remain open due to outside publishers not having released certain titles. These final 50 orders will be fulfilled by our shopowners as soon as the books are released. If there are reasons they cannot be fulfilled (publishers don't release the titles, etc.), we will offer a full refund.

Horror Mall had a great run and we enjoyed being the premier resource for all your horror reads. We're doing even bigger and better things now (visit DarkFuse and Miskatonic Books to see what), thanks to this wonderful experience and would like to thank everyone involved for their support over the course of the company's existence.

Thank you!

—Horror Mall Mgmt.